Te Ora Hou is a network of faith-based youth and community development organisations working with young people, their whānau and communties in many places across Aotearoa.

We have been operating all over New Zealand for nearly 40 years. Over this period Te Ora Hou has had projects in most of the main urban centres and many provincial and rural communities as well. Hundreds of people connected to Te Ora Hou have led many different projects and services working with thousands of young people and families.

Through all of this we have learnt some things and hold on tight to the stuff that seems most important to us. We are still passionate about what we do and why we do it.

What We Believe

We believe people are created to realise their God-given potential and sometimes they need someone to help them realise that potential.

There is great wisdom in the tikanga passed down from our tupuna and want to pass this on to future generations.

Te Ora Hou values Te Reo, the language of our people and want to nurture and develop it.

We are inspired in the life-changing power that faith in Christ has brought to people throughout history. In our faith, we find strength, comfort and courage – which we share with anyone interested – but we don’t force it onto others.

Our staff do not claim to be experts or miracle workers –  we have learnt some things and are committed to doing the best we can with the resources and networks available and the collective skills and experience we share.

We are not committed to growing a big organisation – small is often beautiful, keeps us connected to our neighbourhoods and responsive to the changing needs as they arise.We love our neighbourhoods and the people that make them and we are committed to seeing these people happy and living in healthy spaces.

How we are structured…

Nationally we operate to a tribal structure with Te Ora Hou centres being autonomous but linked through our shared Mauri (values or organisational DNA) and Maia (indigenous model of practice). The Te Ora Hou Aotearoa national board acts as kaitiaki or guardians of our Mauri and Maia and is comprised of centre representation and independent members.

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