Hei Tikitiki | Rites of Passage Research

Project: Hei Tikitiki: Māori Rites of Passage & Youth Development Research Project

Abstract: The project involved youth workers and young people interviewing more than 30 kaumatua and kuia from different rohe and iwi about their experiences as children and young people through the transition to adulthood. Included in the report is one of the most comprehensive literature reviews on the subject of rites of passage and youth development for Māori and indigenous peoples.

The project identified a number of principles upon which traditional rites of passage have been based and suggests these may be adapted into contemporary contexts to promote healthy transitions for young Māori through adolescence into responsible adult life and contributing members of whānau, hapū and communities.

Resource: DVD (43min.) A selection of highlights from interviews with more than 30 kaumatua and kuia from around the country about their experiences of rites of passage growing up and their views on the situation and suggestions for rangatahi today – contact them here.

Report Available Here

Funder: Lottery Community Sector Research Fund

Date: 2009-2011